Mission Accomplished

Pick up your copy of Mission Accomplished:  A Guided Journal to S.L.A.Y. Your Goals, created by Dr. Charlene Y. Dunn.  This journal incorporates everything you need to establish habits and routines to S.L.A.Y. your goals in less than a 12 month period by using the Six by Two Results Method™

This journal includes guided prompts and questions that help you with visualization, goal setting, daily planning, work completion and progress review.  It is divided into four sections: 

1) Set Intentions

2) Layout Plans

3) Assassinate Goals

4) Yield to Celebrate

Get more done by restructuring your calendar and refocusing your energy.  Maximize your year and accomplish more with Mission Accomplished:  A Guided Journal to S.L.A.Y. Your Goals.

       Snag your journal  and join the online community of Goal Slayers.       

Journaling is not just putting pen to paper and recording your thoughts, it is a powerful tool to help you bring to reality a thriving accomplished life.  Writing in a journal can help create self affirmations, gain clarity, set goals, chart progress, express gratitude and self-reflect.  Journaling empowers you in identifying the WHAT, WHY and HOW of goal achievement.  It is a form of self-care that can inspire creativity, productivity, positive self-talk and intrinsic motivation. If you have never used journaling as a goal accomplishment tool, using  a guided journal to jumpstart your thoughts is a great place to start. 

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