Get unstuck Top 6 Excuse for Not Starting Your Online Business.

Charlene Y. Dunn

   Digital Business             Educator & Strategist

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"Helping You Mind Your Digital Business".

Whether you're everyday 9 to 5'er or aspiring entrepreneur trying to figure out how to package and profit from your genius or you're a profit newbie coach or established business owner YouTubing how to scale your brand, I'm here to teach you how to do the work and reap harvest. 

Hey y'all I'm Charlene Y. Dunn, digital business educator, strategist

and founder of Get It Dunn, Digital Business Agency, LLC, the premiere online platform and community for current & future online business owners looking to monetize their experience, expertise and know-how with impactful digital products.

In my experiences as a full time business, marketing & information technology teacher and university adjunct professor I've taught close to 10,000 adults and children.  Not only do I love teaching, I practice what I teach.  I open a brick & mortar learning studio to train career development professionals and coach kidpreneurs in their business ventures. After a few years of being open, I observed and experienced the impact of eLearning.  This global trend of learning from anywhere using the Internet lead me to close the doors of my studio and transition to online world of digital business.  


Pivoting from face to face to online business was a welcomed transition that married my gift of teaching excitement about entrepreneurship and love of seeing people win after they put in the work.  Through these experiences, Get It Dunn, Digital Business Agency, LLC, program, Mind Your Digital Business was born to help current & future entrepreneurs, coach and 9 to 5'ers looking to launch & build and online business and scale using digital commerce. I would love to help you Mind Your Digital Business, Meet me over in our Digital Boss Community, I would love to help you Mind Your Digital Business  the premiere online learning place for start-up & DIY entrepreneurs to build, launch and scale their online business.  Inside the agency are business tips, strategies, resources, classes and coaching on: tech tools, digital product creation and self-development to help you mind your digital business.  

 master classes, group coaching, contract services and journals to assist clients in turning experience, expertise and know-how into impactful digital products and profit. 

Charlene Y. Dunn

Digital Business Educator & Strategist

Build, Launch & Scale Your Business and Grow in Life.

The Classes & Products 

Build, Launch & Scale is a mix online classes, courses & digital products for start-up DIY entrepreneurs & coaches wearing many hats to manage a profitable online business/platform. This is for you if:

  1. If you have a business idea but are stuck and don't know how to make it a reality.

  2. If you have a new online business but don't know how to do the behind the scenes techie stuff to visually enhance your brand.

  3. You stalk social media accounts, scroll through websites and watch YouTube after YouTube trying to figure out this online business thing. 

In this learning space, you get simplified, affordable, quality content to that teaches you:

  • Tech Tools to building your online business or platform.

  • How to create digital products to scale your business.

  • Self-Development strategies to grow as a person and business owner.

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Stop Doing It By Yourself, Let Me Help You!

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The Coaching Program

Behind the Boss is an online 8-week group coaching program that provides action steps to guide you through the behind the scenes required work to launch your online business/platform. This experience is for you if:  

  • You have a business idea but are stuck and don't know where to start to make it a reality

  • You need to get help to re-launch or rebrand your business or online platform

  • Need help with getting clarity, focusing ideas, planning offers or identifying your audience. 

  • Are tired of struggling by yourself to start. 

Why Are You Stuck?

Figure out why you are stuck and haven't launched your online business/platform.

Hmmm, why haven't you launched and turned your vision, passion or dream into a reality?


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