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Hi, I'm educator and progress coach, Dr. Charlene Y. Dunn. For over 20 years,  I have educated thousands of children to have foundational skills for life and academic success.  I have also mentored, coached and facilitated instruction for hundreds of adults to achieve various career and personal aspirations. 


Today, through my Accomplish That... Self-Improvement Platform,

I use my skills and professional training to  help motivated women & girls  take action steps to achieve personal WINS and align their goals to live a thriving accomplished life they love.   


Accomplish That...

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The Self-Improvement Platform helping motivated women & girls make personal WINS in progressing towards achieving their goals to live a thriving accomplished life they love.

Self-Improvement to Live a Life You Love

Research shows that 95% of what we do or say is determined by our habits. I recognized early in my young adulthood that I wasn't taught how to form habits but I also recognized that for me to achieve what I wanted personally and professionally, I needed to change my mindset and form success building habits and processes. When I created personal mission statements, consciously formed habits, routines and systems for my daily personal life, I experienced significant progress that catapulted me to achieve my goals, enjoy my life and create the Accomplish That... self-improvement platform to help women & girls  do the same. 

Get self-improvement education, experiences and entrepreneurship tools through the Accomplish That... guided journal, podcast, online academy and online boutique.   

About Dr. Dunn

Experienced Educator | Certified Progress Coach

  • National Board Certified Educator

  • Certified Career Coach:  Specializing in Progress Coaching

  • Host:  Accomplish That with Dr. Dunn (podcast)

  • Author:  Mission Accomplished -  A Guided Journal to S.L.A.Y. Your Goals

  • Creator:  Stuck to Start - A reflective course to help you move to your next  level...

  • Administrator: Pretty Accomplished - Online community for Goal Slayers creating a life they love.  

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