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Hi, I'm educator and progress coach, Dr. Charlene Y. Dunn, I help motivated women take actions steps to progress in achieving their goals to live  an accomplished thriving life they love.  

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About Dr. Charlene Y. Dunn

For over 20+ years,  I have educated thousands of children to have foundational skills for life and academic success.  I have also mentored, coached and facilitated instruction for hundreds of adults to achieve various career and personal aspirations.  Today, I use my skills and professional training to teach and coach women to goal set and use progress systems to achieve their goals and design a life they love. I have always promised myself that if learned how to grow, develop and achieve my goals that I will show others how to get out of the “stuckness” and make progress in doing the same.

Research shows that 95% of what we do or say is determined by our habits. I recognized early in my young adulthood that I wasn't taught how to form habits but I also recognized that for me to achieve what I wanted personally and professionally, I needed to change my mindset and form success building habits and processes. When I created personal mission statements, consciously formed habits, routines and systems for my daily personal life, I experienced significant progress that catapulted me to achieve many of my goals.  You too can make progress in accomplishing your goals with my Mirror Mirror reflective course and Accomplish That Coaching Program

Dr. Charlene Y. Dunn 

I Educate & Coach

What's Your Superpower?

  • National Board Certified Educator

  • Certified Career Coach:  Progress Coaching

  • Host:  Accomplish That with Dr. Dunn (podcast)

  • Author:  Mission Accomplished -  A Guided Journal to S.L.A.Y. Your Goals

  • Creator:  Unstuck to Start - A reflective course to help you move to your next...

  • Administrator: Pretty Accomplished - Online community for Goal Slayers creating a life they love.  

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