Meet Charlene

Hi, I'm Charlene Y. Dunn, educator, course creator and online business coach. For over 20 years, I have created instructional content and facilitated learning in person and online for thousands of children and hundreds of adults to achieve academic, career and personal aspirations. 


Today, I use my skills and professional training to teach emerging entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, & teachers, capture their expertise & passion and package it into an online class, eCourse or digital product to offer to their potential and current audience/customers.


I Teach, What You're Superpower?

  • Course Creator

  • Certified Career Coach

  • Online Business Coach

  • Experienced University Instructor

  • Experienced Business & Marketing Educator Teacher

  • National Board Certified:  Career & Technical Education

  • Creator:  Mission Accomplished: - A Guided Journal to S.L.A.Y. Your Goals