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Hi, I'm Charlene,

Digital Business Educator & Coach

I teach you how to

launch your online business


create digital product offers. 

Time to Get It Dunn

In December 2019, I created a digital planner to help me end the year strong and bring in the new year focused. Then a few months later, I created and marketed a digital journal to help people strategize and create systems to reach their goals. Through this process of launching my digital products, my eyes were opened to the online world of digital commerce. 


So, imagine doing what I did, doing what comes natural, doing what brings you joy and making an income while you do it!  Well, you don't have to imagine anymore, I can help you Get It Dunn.  


I founded Get It Dunn, Digital Business Agency, LLC, a full service digital business agency helping women to build, brand and scale their online digital products business.  I honed my expertise and 20+ years of professional skills as a business, marketing & information technology educator and focused my excitement about entrepreneurship & tech tools to find my happy place, my niche in digital commerce and  my online home that's helps others grow in business and life. 



Mind Your Digital Business

Mind Your Digital Business (MYDB) is the  online platform and community created for current & future business owners looking to monetize their skills, experiences, and know-how.  This platform of Get It Dunn: Digital Business Agency, LLC is for you if:

  1. You have a business idea but are stuck and don't know how to make it a reality.

  2. You have a new online business but don't know how to do the behind the scenes techie stuff to visually enhance your brand, scale your business or create digital products. 

  3. You stalk social media accounts, scroll through websites and watch YouTube videos trying to figure out this online business thing. ​

Get It Dunn - Coaching

Meet Your Digital Business Educator

Hey Digital Bosses, I'm Charlene Y. Dunn, Digital Business Educator & Coach. I am pumped and ready to help you launch your online side or full time business and scale your brand with no inventory digital products. 

In addition to self-guided classes and small coaching services, I created the Digital Boss Intensive, a multiple week program to guide action minded entrepreneurial women in doing the work to build your business foundation, launch your online platform and create impactful profitable digital products to offer to your audience. 

Whether you are an everyday 9 to 5'er trying to figure out how to package and profit from your genius or you are a newbie coach, aspiring entrepreneur or established business owner clicking through YouTube piece-milling how to scale your brand, I'm here to teach you how to do the work to reap your harvest and Mind Your Digital Business

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What's Holding You Back?

Stop the excuses and launch your online business/platform. 

Pssst, you got skills, so why not monetize it? Your experience, expertise & know-how,

turn it into income.